Sasha Boundaries - Art&Porn according to happy hooker Sasha Xiphias
1. You want to dress up, just like her. This image of the woman that
you are, the whore that was always there, of which you are ashamed. But he
tells you to come out, in night, in dark, in silent semen.

2. In the pub, the harbor, the city, the alcohol, the smiles, the sweat.
You are short skirted. You are naked underneath. You are horny underneath.

You want the words. The photographs. You do not want to ask.

You want to be asked.

3. She sucks the ugly old men through the stinking glory hole of denial. She
swallows the semen of the lies. The cum of man. The flies.

4. The door is open. She is exposed. She is fucked. In sex hotels. The creeking
sounds of sticky beds and filthy drapes. But still she spreads. And turns her
head - for Taste.

For she is asked.